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Fortiko team members are multidisciplinary world-class professionals with unique experience in developing and delivering training for natural resource managers at all levels. Get to know us and our expertise!

Working towards sustainable development

Fundamental change is needed in our consumption patterns and in the way we manage our natural resources.

Research & innovation

Transformation towards sustainability requires fundamental change that should be informed by scientific evidence.

Education & capacity building

In order to support transformation to a more resilient world, knowledge needs to be transferred and new skills put into practice.

Fortiko offers expert advice in sustainable use of natural resources and sustainable development pathways – mainly concerning forest landscapes.

Fortiko’s main aim is to bring science to practice and achieve concrete changes for more sustainable policies. Fortiko team has extensive experience in applied multidisciplinary research, education and capacity-building, and expertise in climate change adaptation and mitigation, sustainable management of forest resources, rural livelihoods, poverty reduction, and social inclusion.

Fortiko’s values include transparency, mutual engagement and collaboration. In its work it respects humanity and equality, responsibility and trust. Fortiko wants to be approachable, reliable and optimistic partner.

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