We are Fortiko

We are a think tank and service provider offering science based solutions for sustainable development pathways

Fortiko team members are multidisciplinary world-class professionals with unique experience in developing and delivering training for natural resource managers at all levels. Get to know us and our expertise!

Adrián A. Monge Monge

Forest Management

Over the last 15 years, Adrián has been working on research and capacity building projects in Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America. His experience includes teaching forestry and environmental issues in Finland and abroad, and preparation, coordination and implementation of e-learning courses. Adrian’s key expertise areas include developing digital tools for data collection, forest and climate change (adaptation and mitigation), forest inventories and management, participatory research, and ecosystem services. Adrián speaks fluent Spanish, and English as well as some Finnish and German.

MSc (Forest Economic), Doctoral candidate for Forest Sciences

Anna Jaurimaa

Development Cooperation

Anna has worked widely in development cooperation projects and programme development, management and assessment as a consultant and through NGOs. Her expertise covers different SDG thematics she has gained working with grassroots NGOs and local communities in Africa, South and Southeast Asia. She has experience e.g. in community forestry, social inclusion (youth, gender and disability issues), human rights based approach and climate change adaptation. Anna is at her best mixing more standard and alternative methods to fit for the specific context. Anna speaks fluent Finnish and English, and some Spanish, German, Swedish and Portuguese.

MSc (Geography), Master’s student in Forest ecology and management

Anne Arvola

Project Design, Monitoring & Evaluation

Anne has worked 18 years in forest and development consulting and is a hard-core project and project cycle management professional. She enjoys building bridges and feeding synergies between public and private sector, civil society and communities. She has special expertise in forest policy, smallholder and plantation forestry, forest certification and social and environmental sustainability. Over the years Anne has been working in Asia, Africa and South and Central America. Anne speaks Finnish, English and Spanish and some Swedish and German.

MSc (Forest Ecology and Management), Doctoral candidate for Forest Science

Maarit Kallio

Social Forestry

Maarit has over 15 years’ experience in transdisciplinary research and project management in the tropics. Her expertise is social forestry, smallholder tree growing, and rural livelihoods. She has extensive experience working at CIFOR with a diverse range of partners, from rural to global scales. She has extensive field experience in Southeast Asia, China, and dryland Africa, but she has also been part of global comparative research projects.

MSc (Forest Ecology), PhD (Agriculture & Forestry)

Dipjoy Chakma

Supply Chains

Dipjoy’s expertise includes project coordination, capacity, building, partnership development,and research on non-timber forest products, market analysis, and rural livelihoods. He has over eight years of research and professional experiences in the Mekong region, with extensive experience coordinating capacity-building projects with Higher Education Institutions. He is fluent in Chakma (native), English and Bengali; competent in Lao and Hindi, and has basic skill in Finnish.

MSc (Forest Products Marketing), Doctoral candidate for Forest Sciences

Nick Hogarth

Forest, Trees and Livelihoods

Nick has over 15 years experience working on issues related to forests, livelihoods and rural development, including extensive field-research, capacity-building and project management. Geographical foci include China, Laos, Indonesia, and Cambodia, but he also has long-term experience co-managing multi-country research projects. Nick has worked as a consultant for the UN, CIFOR, Australian Aboriginal Corporations, and others. His key expertise includes rural livelihoods, forest and environmental income, design of household data collection tools, field-based data collection, scientific approach to project monitoring and evaluation, forest landscape restoration, small and large-scale tree plantations, and bamboo.

MSc (Natural Resources Management), PhD (Forests and Livelihoods)

Markku Kanninen

Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation

Markku has 40 years of experience in working with sustainable forest management in the tropics and about 30 years of experience working with climate change adaptation and mitigation. He is an expert in tropical silviculture and forest management, carbon sequestration of forest ecosystems and ecosystem-based adaptation to climate change. Markku has worked as the Director of the Finnish Research Program on Climate Change (1990-1995), Research Director and Deputy Director General of Centro Agronómico Tropical de Investigacion y Ensenanza in Costa Rica (1996-2003) and Research Director at the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) in Indonesia (2003-2010). Since 2011, he has held the chair of Tropical Silviculture at the University of Helsinki. He has been involved in the work of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) since 1991. Markku is fluent in Finnish, English, Spanish and Indonesian languages.