Education & capacity building

Developing capacities to address complex phenomena related to climate change, land use and forestry

In order to support transformation to a more resilient world, knowledge needs to be transferred and new skills put into practice. Fortiko team members are multidisciplinary world-class professionals with unique experience in developing and delivering training for natural resource managers at all levels.

We offer practical field methods courses for professionals working in topics covering:

  • natural resource management
  • forest inventories
  • biodiversity and carbon assessment
  • land use change
  • ecosystem services
  • rural development
  • livelihoods
  • environmental and subsistence income
  • value chains
  • vulnerability assessments

We provide methodological training for researchers and academics, NGOs, and other actors. We design and deliver training for local communities, company staff, and various other actors on data collection, monitoring and analysis.

Our expertise also include assisting educational institutions with curriculum development and quality assurance methods.