Working towards sustainable development

Your knowledge broker to evidence-informed decisions through multidisciplinary research, evaluation, and technical consulting in the fields of climate change, forestry and inclusive development

Fundamental change is needed in our consumption patterns and in the way we manage our natural resources. It is imperative we address our inter-generational responsibility towards our children and inequalities that prevail. Fortiko is in the forefront of this change.

We help you to identify and tackle current and emerging environmental and social challenges. We are committed to use high-quality science in practice, and co-create case-specific solutions towards resilient and inclusive development pathways together with relevant partners at all levels. Our in-depth multidisciplinary expertise includes topics such as climate change adaptation and mitigation, sustainable management of forest resources, environmental income and livelihoods, poverty reduction and social inclusion.

Whether you need help with defining a project’s impact pathway, theory of change, intentional design or results framework, we can help you. We design and conduct baseline, human rights, gender and feasibility studies. We can also build scenarios, models and carbon calculators to guide you in your transformation towards sustainability. If you wish to genuinely involve different stakeholders in planning, we know what it takes and we can help you by facilitating the process. We can help you to set up monitoring systems, whether related to carbon stocks, biodiversity or behavioral change. We also have a strong evaluation background in using various approaches and methods to fit your specific information needs and contexts.